REVIEW: Keyshia Cole Puts the Pieces Back Together on 11:11 Reset

Raw honey, buttermilk, coconut milk, and olive oil are known, dermatologist approved, natural moisturizers to rejuvenate you…well, your skin anyway. I think hot tears should be added to the list of things that revitalize. When Keyshia Cole’s marriage ended because of her then husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson’s infidelities, the tears were certainly hot. They probably rolled down her face at the speed of a bullet while the salt in them stung open wounds that were healing, but not necessarily closed. Luckily for us, when the tears fell they landed on a studio floor and came from the eyes of a broken woman that is hell bent on putting her pieces back together. Whether it’s leaving a man that couldn’t be faithful, or letting the ink dry and releasing a new album under a new label (Cole is now signed with Epic Records after leaving Interscope Records in 2014), Keyshia Cole has reset herself and is allowing us to see her again. Red eyed, lashes still wet, but holding 11:11 Reset in her hand with a smile.

Who better to enlist for the intro to an album leaning towards a rebirth of happiness and positivity than DJ Khaled? On the “Cole World Intro” we’re being introduced to the new world Keyshia Cole has created for herself. A world where in order to be an inhabitant you have to be loyal, focused, and open to new beginnings. “It’s a process for progress,” Khaled passionately screams on the track, “I respect those who weather the storm!” Keyshia vocalizes in the back and lets her voice ride the notes of the piano. Floating towards and facing the eye of her own personal storm. Keyshia and her now ex husband separated in 2014 surrounding allegations of cheating. The allegations soon showed to be reality when the ex lovers took to Instagram in 2015 and went head to head with shots of “imperfections” and Keyshia going as far as telling her 4.8 million followers about Gibson sleeping with another woman in their home and missing their child’s birthday. For her lead single on the album, “You”, Cole enlisted the help of longtime friend Remy Ma and French Montana for what Lakin Starling from The Fader Magazine called a “liberating anthem”. I’d however would describe it more as a “You Got Me Fucked Up” hymn. The track describes every person who’s ever been wronged by someone they thought never would wrong them. Once the hurt and crying is over, your ego emerges again and you start gaining the sense of who you are and who you always were… that bitch.

Keyshia Cole joined the cast of this seasons “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” alongside her ex husband who is now focusing on starting a music career of his own. After denouncing the rumors on 105.1’s Breakfast Club of her being on the show, she later confirmed that she would be on the show. When thousands of fans asked why, she took to twitter stating:  “Contractually got what we wanted to move and I want to touch bases with the essence of my fans again. Wanted to do something different.”

On the part II episode of the shows reunion, Cole performed the album’s second single “Incapable.” The song is clearly about Gibson and he knew it too as he swayed to the song in the audience, but occasionally bowed his head down away from the ex wife he broke vows with. On the second verse she sings:

You’ll always be someone
That I know before the pain.


Letting us know that even though she’s been hurt, the love they found and made, the love that produced a child hasn’t been forgotten. Both Cole and Gibson have said that co-parenting is important to them. So much show that viewers saw on “ Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” how Cole had even allowed Gibson to stay in her LA home so he could be closer to their son. In the song the bitterness and disbelief can be heard in her voice, but she hasn’t forgotten and is grateful for not only the love, but the fact that the failed relationship has helped her create the new world we’re now listening to:

Even though it wasn’t meant to be
Still I don’t regret a thing
Cause it shaped and molded me.

Is Keyshia Cole done with love? No. On “Best friend’ we hear Cole talking about the future next man. All the good he could get if he did one thing for her, be her best friend. If you can do that, she’ll run every red light to give you that “Act Right” as she told us on the 7th track featuring Young Thug.

Keyshia C and when that C doesn’t stand for Cole it stands for Comeback. The wind is dying down and the rain is starting to let up. 11:11 Reset is an indication that the storm is over.



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