Sonia Tetlow’s Latest Single “Now”

Sonia Tetlow has a new single out titled “Now,” the first off her latest project. The Atlanta artist has been known to kick around on banjo and bass guitar, with names like Cowboy Mouth, Roxie Watson, and her eponymous band. This song, like the other nine on the album Now, was produced by Ben Williams, and features Matt Henderson on Rhodes keyboard and Moog synth, Jimmy McAlpin on electric guitar, and Josh Birmingham on drums. “Now” is the title track on her latest album, which will be released on November 3rd.

The track begins with a beat stripped down and elevated, like a plate of sauceless wings clustered on a transparent plate on a pedestal at a napkin-heavy buffet. Then, the vocals come in. A crystal kind of clarity has taken hold of me and I wonder… could it be now? cuts through the beat, providing sauce for the wings. On the word “wonder,” Sonia glides her voice downward, like an errant drop of sauce. The vocal momentum in this word shifts things towards the first chorus, which moves with the kind of momentum that makes it hard to start something without finishing it. “Now” cuts to the core of the sundry jumble of life, stressing the import of the moment.

Whatever is on your to-do list these days, “Now” is probably relevant. Give it a listen or six. And if you’re in town, check out the CD release show at Eddie’s Attic on November 3rd.  Joining Sonia Tetlow for her CD release show will be Hannah Thomas.

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