Seersha’s Seven – November Set

The seventh of the month is once again upon us!    Here are seven tracks that I’m digging and want to share. From sound design inspiration to retro-tinged pop, here is November’s Seersha‘s Seven.

Decap – This or That
One of my favorite producers, Decap seems to always be pushing the boundaries of futuristic yet still accessible, and straight dope, sound design. He showcases a new sample pack on this track and it is hot and fresh. Big kudos.

PILLARS – Honest People
This sparse track makes me think of some Natalie Walker/Daughter Darling songs I was really into back in the early 2000s, crossed with a Sinead O’Connor vibe (and I swear I thought that before I saw her press photo). There is a down-to-earth cinematic quality to the production I like.

Prolly Knot – Perrenial
A really lovely soundscape with writing that feels immediate and sharp to me. Perhaps I also have an affinity knowing Sam Pinkerton spent some time in Nashville as well.

Fox Grin – Black Tree
Always happy to happen upon new ATL jams. Dream pop meets indie rock–Immersive Atlanta calls the single “shimmery and beguiling.” ‘Nuff said.

Sofi Tukker – Fuck They
Sofi Tukker’s IDGAF song with future-island vibes I don’t hate. For some reason the chorus with the, “Who’s they” line repeated reminds me of the beginning of Magic Dance in Labyrinth. Which is obviously awesome.

Sonia Tetlow – Tripline
It’s been hard to pick a favorite from Tetlow’s new solo record, but I think this track, featuring background vocals by Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls, is it. Guitar hooks for days and my kind of vocal melody.

Amy Allen – I Had You
A lot of music occurs for me as a version of a version of a genre or sound or song, and I get a little of that with this song but something about Amy Allen’s aesthetic, visual and sonic, comes together as singular for me. This track is real and retro-tinged, but still fresh. Looking forward to chilling with the EP.

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