Sonia Tetlow Now CD Release Party with Special Guests

Sonia Tetlow performed her new album Now from start to finish at Eddie’s Attic.  The singer, songwriter and musician,  Sonia Tetlow,  has performed with Cowboy Mouth, Roxie Watson, and her eponymous band.  Joining her on stage for her CD release party were Ben (B.E.N.) Williams on bass, Matt Henderson on keys, Jimmy McAlpin on electric guitar, and Josh Birmingham on drums.  Other special guests on stage for vocals were Hannah Thomas, Amy Ray and Seersha.

A familiar idiom is that “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Perhaps for the digital age that idiom should be amended to include “… and a video is worth a thousand images.”  No matter the case enjoy the images and video from the Sonia Tetlow NOW CD Release Party.

Sonia Tetlow “Now”

Sonia Tetlow “Hard Fought Year” with Amy Ray

Sonia Tetlow “That’s Alright by Me” with Hannah Thomas and Seersha

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