Little Black Dress with ZALE

Atlanta based alternative rock band ZALE just released a the video for “Little Black Dress.”  “Little Black Dress” is the first single from the bands upcoming LP Eye See You.


Q&A with Hannah Zale

Hannah Zale is the front woman and lead singer for ZALE.  I managed to catch up with her this week as she prepares for the release of “Little Black Dress.”

Every woman has one but, what was your inspiration for “Little Black Dress”?

The inspiration behind the lyrics of “Little Black Dress” comes from a secret ritual I used to perform in college at The University of Georgia. Every time I would feel an existential crisis coming on or wanted to quit my life and move to an island or felt extremely overwhelmed by the experience of being myself, I would slip into a black dress and a wig and become someone else. I liked to settle on a name for the night first and then create elaborate backstories for my characters. I then would go out, by myself, and have interactions and experiences from this imaginary person’s point of view. A night of ultimate escape only made possible by my collection of wigs and little black dresses.

Who helped you record the song and what was your process like? Has your processed evolved or changed overtime since your debut album Fortress?

Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oates at Madison Records produced this song and the additional 8 songs our second LP. It’s taken us a year to complete this album and get them to level we all wanted. I made Fortress in 2 weeks to give you perspective. We really took our time getting all the sounds right and making sure we were creating something unique and fresh and unapologetically ZALE.

The process has become much more band oriented for Eye See You. Guitarist, Christian Gerner-Smidt, is a force on this album and his presence can be felt in every track. It’s not just Hannah Zale singer/songwriter tunes anymore – it’s full and fat and satisfying. It’s produced and polished and in your face rock n roll.

What would you like your aspiring fans and current Zalien’s to know about the upcoming release show and what do they have to look forward to in the coming months? 

ZALE is celebrating their single release in style with an accompanying music video and show presented by Rival Entertainment & Pabst Blue Ribbon with Greco, Three Star Revival, and Arc & Stones at Vinyl at Center Stage. Plus ZALE’s brand new merchandise line is launching on the same day. Be the first Zalien with an Eye See You t shirt! 11/11 is also your exclusive chance to pre-order Eye See You on vinyl!

In January, the band will release the full LP digitally and on vinyl and play a big local show to kick off a tour. Also in 2018, another bit of visual content will make you scream for more. Oh and of course, more badass ZALE swag is on its way!

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