Lady Gaga Strikes A Cord for Unity at Philips Arena

Tonight’s Lady Gaga show was a reminder that people of all identities can be united.  The Philips Arena in Atlanta was filled with Lady Gaga fanboys and fangirls of every kind.  Many dressed to match the flamboyant flair that we all have grown to love since Lady Gaga hit the global scene in 2008 with the release of The Fame.  Tonight we all were here to help celebrate and enjoy her fifth studio album Joanne,   Many of the fans took a queue from Lady Gaga’s cover photo for Joanne and were decked out in broad brimmed pink hats.  

As showtime approaches, waiting in the pit for an artist to perform can wreck havoc on one’s nerves: every change in lighting or shift in the music made the crowd gasp in anticipation.  All of this anticipatory anxiety was brought to a head as a digital clock descended from the heavens to mark a ten minute countdown.  Much like the countdown to the dropping of the ball on New Year’s Eve the crowd counted down in unison 10, 9, 8…. 3, 2 1 and then the party began!

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation)

Decked out in her own sequined pink cowboy hat Lady Gaga kicked off the first Act of her concert with two songs from Joanne: “Diamond Heart” and “A-YO.”  The lyrics for “A-YO” certainly set the mood with the crowd on their feet dancing:

I can’t wait to rev you up
Faster than you can say ferrari
Tearin’ up the gravel, watch you unravel
Now it’s a party

The chart topping dance tracks “Poker Face” and “Perfect Illusion” had me and the crowd pumping our fists in unison.   Lady Gaga endeared herself with the crowd even more when she said to the crowd “Bet you didn’t know that my beau calls me peach.  Tonight I will be your Georgia Peach.”  Lady Gaga was thrilled to share with the crowd that the album Joanne nominated for two Grammys:  Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Solo Performance for “Million Reasons.”

The set for tonight’s show was broken up into seven acts.  Each act was kicked off with an interlude video and included Lady Gaga in a new jaw dropping outfit.   Act II was kicked off with a video of Lady Gaga doing doughnuts in a drop top GTO.

The rest of the night included a feast of fire, dancers and laser lights to accompany all of the passion and energy that Lady Gaga brings to the stage.  Flawlessly weaved into the dance party were the segues to songs from Joanne and other albums where Lady Gaga sings about heartbreak, frustration and identity.  The theme of acceptance and unity was one that repeated throughout tonight’s concert.  Songs like “Born This Way” and “Come To Mama” helped to drive this theme into the hearts and minds of everyone in attendance.  With cellphone “lighters” in hand the crowd sang along in unity.

Everybody’s got to love each other
Stop throwin’ stones at your sisters and your brothers
Man, it wasn’t that long ago we were all living in the jungle
So why do we gotta put each other down
When there’s more than enough love to g-g-go around?
Come to mama
Tell me who hurt ya
There’s gonna be no future
If we don’t figure this out – Lady Gaga “Come to Mama”

Throughout the night Lady Gaga showed off her skills as a musician playing electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano and even a keytar.  All of this while dancing like a whirling dervish or singing her heart out.  Tonight’s show highlighted the diversity of talent and promoted diversity and acceptance around the globe.  As she dedicated “Angel Down” to everyone that we lost to gunfire I was once again reminded of how far her talent goes beyond the dance music that she creates.

The night ended with Lady Gaga decked out in a ten gallon pink hat to perform my favorite song from Joanne, “Million Reasons.”


Lady Gaga Atlanta Setlist

  • Act I
    • Diamond Heart
    • A-Yo
    • Poker Face
    • Perfect Illusion
  • Act II
    • John Wayne
    • Scheiße
    • Alejandro
  • Act III
    • Just Dance
    • Love Game
    • Telephone
  • Act IV
    • Applause
    • Come to Mama
    • The Edge of Glory
    • Born This Way
  • Act V
    • Bloody Mary
    • Dancin’ In Circles
    • Paparazzi
  • Act VI
    • Angel Down
    • Joanne
  • Act VII
    • Bad Romance
    • The Cure
  • Encore
    • Million Reasons



Photos Courtesy of Getty Images for Live Nation

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