REVIEW: Jason Herring & The Mystery Plan – Electric Love

The Mystery Plan is a Charlotte-based group who specializes in that downtempo fuzzy dream sound that sounds so good, particularly during the bookend parts of the day. They recently put out a new album under Ten Millimeter Omega Recordings, called Queensland Ballroom. The latest single from the album is aptly titled “electric love”. He released a video for the song, depicting the connections people make through space and time, thanks to the information superhighway.

The song is a sensual adventure in sound. It comes in with female vocals, the kind that are soft but deep. The beat continues steadily and surreptitiously like the action of cardiac valves, as waves of synth shift the tones like different colored clotheslined towels in a light breeze. There is something aside from the vocals that is human about the song, despite the heavy implementation of electronic instrumentation, a current of sexy soul coursing through each section, every measure.

Check out the single and its video, crafted by Jon Ecklund and Fiona Jones. And if you get a chance to see Jason Herring & The Mystery Plan, take them up on the opportunity.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: