Seersha’s Seven: December Set

It’s Seersha here, with a special holiday edition of my monthly seven song playlist. Normally I try to bring you the freshest tunes from indie to electronic to J-pop–but I’m going to indulge my nostalgia a little for this December playlist and share seven of my favorite songs to play this time of year

Michael English – Mary, Did You Know?
Oh, man just hearing those opening synths takes me back. I remember listening to this as a kid on my dad’s Dolby surround sound system and getting all the feels. Bold claim alert: Michael English is like my gospel Phil Collins. And you thought that Pentatonix version was fresh.

Vince Guarladi Trio – Christmas Time Is Here
It wouldn’t feel right to do a holiday playlist without this classic. My soft spot for mustached Vince Guarldi is showing.

Sia – Santa’s Coming For Us
Admittedly, I tend towards the old classics when it comes to holiday songs, but I really dig this track from Sia’s new record. It feels pure and euphoric but still kinda creepy (which I love). I mean, “Santa’s coming for us” just sounds ominous, there’s no way around it. Santa, in case you’re wondering, my secret wish is for world peace. And maybe a new Kate Spade.

Joni Mitchell – River
I don’t think I really “got” this song until a few years ago when I opened for Rebecca Loebe with my acoustic act of the moment. She did a brilliant version on guitar that made me misty-eyed, and the song has been in my winter rotation ever since.

Sufjan Stevens – Joy To The World
Ok, I have a confession to make. I used to HATE Sufjan Stevens. I just thought the whole epic Illinois-whatever concept was silly and dramatic. But I think it was just a symptom of where I was at the time (aka artistically oppressed) because I’ve done a 360 on Sufjan, as evidenced by this lovely version of a classic carol on this list. Santa, please bring me this record (Silver & Gold) on vinyl, too.

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
Listening to Sufjan reminded me of this gem of a song. Perfect to keep spirits up on long drives to the Midwest for the holidays. Excuse me while I go re-watch the charming claymation video for it.

John Mayer – St. Patrick’s Day
Ah, nostalgia. If I’m going back down memory lane for this playlist, I have to put this tune on here. I know it’s not technically a Christmas song but it doesn’t feel right to play this song in the summer, and Room For Squares John Mayer is my favorite John Mayer.

From Seersha and Libro Musica, wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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