Angelina Sherie: Empowering Glimpse EP Release Concert

I recently had the chance to enjoy a night of celebration for the release of Angelina Sherie’s debut project, Glimpse. If you aren’t familiar with this project you should check out Gwendolyn’s review, Angelina Sherie in a Snapshot: Glimpse.

The BASSMINT was filled with what felt like family as everyone buzzed with excitement.  Once the show started the crowd had a chance to experience Angelina Sherie’s Glimpse as she brought her music to life with her voice and violin. The concert was not only a show but an experience that left the audience enlightened, empowered and encouraged.  Tonight’s performance left us all thirsty for more.

Overall, Glimpse is a stunning example of vocal prowess paired with introspective songwriting and superb instrumentals.  Take a listen to Glimpse, celebrate its release, and add Angelina Sherie to your Music Library.


Erika Johnson Written by: