REVIEW: Jessica Childress – “Broken” and “Far Away”

Former The Voice contestant Jessica Childress is expected to release her debut album in early 2018, titled DAYS. The soul singer from Los Angeles has released a number of singles over the years, so DAYS will be BIG. While you’re waiting for DAYS, take a listen to some of her singles, like “Broken” and “Far Away.”

Strong piano like footsteps on a sidewalk cuts through the silence as “Broken” begins. Then Jessica’s vivacious voice, full of sinew and soul, comes in to narrate the tale of a broken heart, notably using second person. The lyrics place her in a vulnerable position, yet she is strong with her understanding of the bigger picture and her demand: Fix what’s broken. In “Broken” Jessica is unapologetic, and rightfully so. She places herself as a sultry chanteuse that could give someone enough regrets for a million lifetimes with just one look.

“Far Away” is the first single from DAYS. Its digital release was met with acclaim, and for good reason. It opens with a deliciously synthy sound and electrobeats light like the crust on a macaron. Jessica sings of being elsewhere with a special someone, in a paradise that she relates in a way that can make any listener’s imagination wander. Hints of funky guitar give the track a swinging feel, while retaining the lightness envisaged by the lyrics and the feathery beat. “Far Away” is a song to lighten your heart, perhaps strategically while doing something unpleasant but necessary, without the capitalistic kitsch of using a Calgon slogan. While “Far Away” does not exhibit Jessica’s pure vocal power, it does have a flow with notes arranged in perfect feng shui harmony.

DAYS is bound to be released to much fanfare, so if you’re into soul and vocal potency, get a jump on Jessica Childress’s music and check out her singles. She is far from her artistic apogee, and I can’t wait to hear more from her.

Cover Photo by Alex Huggan

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