Sash the Bash Rocks at Dark Horse Tavern’s 10 High

Sash the Bash opened for the longstanding Metalsome Live Band Karaoke at the Dark Horse Tavern‘s 10 High Club in Virginia Highlands last night. Metalsome Live Band Karaoke is a time honored tradition in the Atlanta rock scene. Their slogan: “Where everyone is a rock star. No apologies.”  Simultaneously, the 10 High Club has been the centerfold of hosting original music in Atlanta. I would say it is the quintessential rock club: unpretentious, great sound, and illuminating. Also, shows are always free at the 10 High Club. It’s the perfect club, maintaining a duality of what is familiar and showcasing new artists.  Sash the Bash is Sasha Vallely  on guitar and Vox and Lindsey Tulkoff on Drums.

Sash the Bash kick offed the evening with attitude, unapologetically. Sasha Vallely commanded her double neck with punk rock poise while Lindsey Tulkoff provided a solid backbone on drums. The set list was diverse, dynamic, edgy, and inventive. Their sound echoes punk, post-punk, surf rock, 60s garage rock, and rockabilly/psychobilly influences. They definitely reminded me of The Cramps. They aroused the audience with a certain sass and ingenuity. Sasha provided an intriguing experience by recording bass loops during a live performance and recorded vocal reverb on stage for “Hipster Douchebag,” “Love Spell,” and “I Don’t Like You.” Something I found to be particularly interesting…no two shows will be exactly the same. During “Rock n Roll Orgy,” Sasha gave a shout out to some of her and Lindsey’s musical influences (and I dare say affections), including: Iggy Pop, Jim Morrison, and Paul McCartney. All 3 of which challenged the status quo in the music industry.

The cool thing about this band: this is a 2pc set- guitar and drums. These two ladies are encompassing a wide variety of genres and complexity while dancing, head banging, and singing. Seriously, the athleticism between these two artists is unreal. They’re edgy, raw, and wild while maintaining the intricacy behind their songs: shock value and intelligence. A song that stood out was “Hipster Douchebag.” It seemed as though, Sash the Bash was mocking current mid-20s somethings for their constant antithesis remarks of society. The song was humorous and perceptive.

Overall, the experience was new and inventive while paying homage to a few unpretentious, experimental eras in music. Sash the Bash is currently writing and planning to record. Follow Sash the Bash on Facebook and Instagram: @sashthebash9 for all of show updates.


Sash the Bash Set List

  • Rock n Roll Orgy
  • My Love
  • Morning After
  • Wild Man Child
  • Hipster Douchebag
  • Love Spell
  • I Don’t Give a Damn
  • Bang Your Head
  • Don’t Like You