Throwback Thursday January 18th with Libro Musica

The new year always brings reflection on the past and a look ahead to the future.  During this time of reflection I realized that it’s been almost three years that the team here has been sharing music with you.  Throwback Thursday gives us a chance to look back on our coverage and to give you a chance to either dust off some of this music and take a listen again or get a look at some music that you may have missed.

This week back in 2016 we spent some time with the R&B, soul and jazz group Gritz & Jelly Butter for the Living Room Music Series at the W Hotel Downtown Atlanta. We also celebrated with Se’Von for the release of “Can’t Live My Life” the iLounge in The East Atlanta Village.  You can celebrate with us again next week with Se’Von as he releases his new project “Stadium Of Hearts” at iLounge. 

Other new music from this week in 2016 was from Oakland, California’s Idiot Grins new album Big Man.  

Just a year ago we spent some time talking with Aaron Miller of BASECAMP and introduced the Nashville based group’s down tempo, R&B-fused electronica album In Stone.  The title track from In Stone is one of our favorite videos of 2017.

We interviewed Atlanta’s Lauren Jordan who released a video for the title track from her 2016 EP The Ride.  I’m wondering what tea she is sipping on this winter…

The song, “The Ride,” is really an ode to adventure, living in the present, and being brave enough to enjoy LIFE through the perspective of a wild couple throwing caution to the wind. The video shows the guy’s perspective of his woman’s care-free nature and his willingness to celebrate their journey together…It also has some hella cool filters. – Lauren Jordan

We loved listening to ZALE’s Fortress.  ZALE’s album Fortress runs the gamut from entertaining to evoking thought to giving you something to dance to.  I’m looking forward to the release of ZALE’s upcoming LP Eye See You.  Check out the first single from Eye See You, “Little Black Dress.”

Thanks for checking out this #TBT.  What’s your favorite music in your music library from a year ago and beyond?

Billboard Top Albums

Since 1945 Billboard has been tracking the most popular albums and EPs across all genres.  These albums are ranked based on album sales and starting in 2014 audio on-demand streaming and digital sales have been added to the rankings.  Looking back over the years here’s a list of what music was most popular this week.

See you next week for Throwback Thursday with Libro Musica!


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