INTERVIEW: Breakup Songs and Love Songs with Hannah Zale

Hannah Zale is lead singer for the gritty rock band ZALE and part of the alternative rock duet The Pussywillows.  Her pulsating stage performances and dynamic vocals are a treat that energizes the crowd at each show.  ZALE’s recent single “Little Black Dress” captures much of that on stage energy and shares the power of every woman’s little black dress.  You know the one, the one in the back of your closet…

Rockin’ her red lipstick as always Hannah Zale let us hear her thoughts about music for Valentine’s day.

Jack White’s “Love Interruption” is my favorite love song.  Jack White’s slightly trembling voice gets me there every time.  I love performing this duet style with Carly Gibson in our band The Pussywillows.  I really relate to the lyrics which point out how the brutal and often painful parts of love live within the gorgeously delightful aspects of love.  Love is the ultimate duality!

Heartache has a big impact on my creativity.  I write many more songs after a boy breaks my heart!  I find myself listening to super heavy, angry rock after a break up. It’s easier for me to feel mad than sad.  The show must go on!

For Valentine’s Day, “Take it slow” from ZALE’s LP Eye See You, is fitting for budding relationships or relationships that need re-evaluation. the song grows dynamically to reflect the need to let a relationship grow from a strong foundation.  So many people want relationships to be perfect from the start to the end but it takes effort and selflessness to make a relationship work.  It also takes time and patience. What’s the damn rush, after all?

I need three things and three things only for a successful valentine’s holiday: champagne; chocolate and red roses.  I will be treating myself to the above items this year since I’m married to my music for at least the next 3 years. I will probably go to a show at The Earl with my friends and stuff my face with Russell Stover.

As a fan of her music, I’m happy to hear about the ongoing love affair.  Hannah, may you and your music celebrate many years to come and may the fruits of your labor be sweet.   Add her latest ZALE project Eye See You to your music library.  Check out her tour schedule with ZALE and The Pussywillows for a rockin’ good time.

If you haven’t shared you favorite love song and favorite break up song we would love to hear from you.  On Valentine’s Day I will pick my favorites from the submissions and give away t-shirts, stickers and tickets to an upcoming show.

  • Let us know the story behind your selection of this song.
  • Let us know the story behind your selection of this song.
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