INTERVIEW: Love Songs and Breakup Songs with Lola Cole

With that oh so amazing ‘fro, singer song writer Lola Cole is an artist that performs blues, jazz, and funk music.  I had the chance to jam with her at last year’s Atlanta Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park and enjoyed catching up with her to talk about love songs and Valentine’s Day.

My favorite love songs are ‘In The Silence,’ ‘The Only Reason,’ and ‘All This Love’ by JP COOPER . The three of these songs, collectively, speak about the journey of loving someone, losing that love, and loving them still.

I adore love/break up songs that are truthful to the relationship, not so much lustful. Stevie Wonder speaks to the fantasy of being in love with ‘Knocks Me Off My Feet’ and ‘My Cherie Amour.’ Al Green speaks about the exchanging of love with ‘Simply Beautiful’ and ‘Let’s Stay Together.’ Adele sings about unrequited love with ‘Someone Like You’ and her rendition of the Bob Dylan tune, ‘Make You Feel My Love.’ Toni Braxton will always have you covered with heartache!!

I don’t have any romantic songs, with good reason! I haven’t had any romantic matters to write about before. I am currently writing a “love lost” love song. I definitely believe people will relate to it.

I celebrate my love year round. I typically don’t do much for Valentine’s Day because my birthday is right around the corner, and I’d rather celebrate that more. This year, I will say, is going to be especially different.

Lola Cole’s voice is one that I look forward to hearing in a love song or a mournful breakup song (not that I’m wishing my sister and heart ache).  Take a listen to her original song “Bitter Cold Nights” and you will feel EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

If you haven’t shared you favorite love song and favorite break up song we would love to hear from you.  On Valentine’s Day I will pick my favorites from the submissions and give away t-shirts, stickers and tickets to an upcoming show.

  • Let us know the story behind your selection of this song.
  • Let us know the story behind your selection of this song.
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