INTERVIEW: Love Songs with Lauren Jordan

Lauren Jordan once joked during an interview that music fans should expect pyrotechnics, smoke machines, aerial artists, and a live tiger when they make it to one of their live shows.  While you won’t quite get all of this at one of her shows you will certainly get a celebration of music as she covers a wide variety of songs and genres while mixing in her own original rock songs.    Her Twitter feed, @LaurenJRocks, is whimsical and certainly often brings a smile to my face as I take a peek into he escapades.  It was good to hear from her as we approach Valentine’s Day and to hear about some music that is fitting for the season.

When it comes to a favorite love song, I can easily jump from slightly silly rock songs like Butch Walker’s “She Likes Hair Bands” to alt rock classics like Bush’s “Comedown” to especially sad ballads like Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” …but right now a love song that is getting a lot of rotation on my stereo… it sounds like I have some wildly awesome turntable in my car, doesn’t it? Sadly, I do not. [laughter]…  is Maren Morris‘ “I Could Use A Love Song,” which was nominated for Best Country Solo Performance at the GRAMMYs this year.

One of the reasons I love this song is because it speaks of the feeling of growing close to giving up on the idea of Forever Love, but not WANTING to give up.  As someone who experienced a break-up of a long-term relationship in 2017, the lyric “I could use a love song / That takes me back, just like that / When it comes on / To a time when I wouldn’t roll my eyes / At a guy and a girl / Who make it work in a world / That for me so far just seems to go so wrong” is particularly relatable because for a while there I spent a lot of time rolling my eyes at couples!  But I totally played it off. Maybe. Hopefully. [laughter]

Music is the BEST way to delight in romance and deal with heartache! Whether it’s jamming to the Killer Love Song as you drive down the road with the windows down celebrating your happiness, throwing on the Sad Sappy Love Song and crying it out, or WRITING a Beautiful Love Song that commemorates your love for another, music is the fastest way to change and/or expand your state of mind. Plus, it’s cheaper than whisky and therapy.

A song from my upcoming LP release, “Wildly Crazy” is the perfect love song for Valentine’s Day!  It speaks of finding love in an unexpected place at an unexpected time.  Which let’s be honest, is how MOST people find it…when they’re not looking.

I’ve never had a go-to Valentine’s Day celebration plan other than to binge on chocolate! My love for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups has been well-documented.  BUT…Whether it’s with a significant other, friends, or family, the only thing I ever really want to do is share stories, laughs, and enjoy the fellowship. I don’t think V-Day has to necessarily be about romance…that should be EVERY day!

If you are on the north end of Atlanta, you are in luck, you can catch Lauren Jordan live as she strums her guitar.  Check out her performance schedule at  Lauren is planning a release of a a new LP by the end of this summer.  Stay tuned hear for her music when it hits the street.   Until then enjoy her debut EP The Ride and the video from the title track, “The Ride.”

If you haven’t shared you favorite love song and favorite break up song we would love to hear from you.  On Valentine’s Day I will pick my favorites from the submissions and give away t-shirts, stickers and tickets to an upcoming show.

Favorite Love Songs

  • Let us know the story behind your selection of this song.
  • Let us know the story behind your selection of this song.
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