The Revolution Parties Like it’s 1999 at the Tabernacle

The Revolution returned to The Tabernacle in Atlanta last night.  It was indeed a religious experience for Prince and The Revolution fans. Tonight’s show was quite the flashback and moving musical experience.  My first and last time seeing The Revolution was in Atlanta at The Omni (now Phillips Arena) back in the spring of 1985.  It was also a spring day when I last saw Prince perform. My last Prince concert at The Fox Theatre, The Piano and a Microphone Tour, would tragically be Prince’s last touring performance.

The Revolution performs at The Tabernacle, Atlanta 2018
Wendy Melvoin shreds, during a reunion performance of The Revolution at The Tabernacle, Atlanta 2018

The Revolution’s performance was a celebration of what arguably is some of Prince’s best music.  The mid 80’s and The Purple Rain Tour was when the band was on fire.  Purple Rain is a masterpiece of music that has sold over 13 million copies and is the bread and butter of both the casual and die hard Prince fan.  The critically acclaimed album, Purple Rain, won two Grammy Awards and an Oscar in 1985.  It is this opus magnus that is certainly part of what makes The Revolution icons of epic proportions.

The original members of The Revolution, Lisa Coleman, Wendy Melvoin, Mark “BrownMark” Brown, “Dr.” Matt Fink and Bobby Z. Put on a non stop party for nearly two hours at the Tabernacle.  Stokley Williams of Mint Condition joined the band to lend his vocals on many songs during the set.

The Revolution performs at The Tabernacle, Atlanta 2018
BrownMark slams that bass in The Revolution’s performance at The Tabernacle, Atlanta 2018

The vibrant and funky vibe did take one sombre pause as Wendy and Lisa performed a duet of  “Sometimes it Snows on April” (here, a less screamed through performance in Minneapolis).  Many fans reverently reflected on how the lyrics resonated so strongly with the loss of Prince.  Sadly many crowd members took this song as an opportunity to strike out in conversation and rush the bar.

“Let’s Go Crazy” once again locked in the crowd’s attention as The Revolution continued our trip down memory lane.  As I looked around at the feverent faces of the crowd as they partied like it was 1999. I felt some of the pain of Prince’s loss collective fade for many.  It is difficult to image a world without Prince but, for about 90 minutes I almost forgot that he was gone as my friends I and laughed, danced and enjoyed the purpleicious splendor.

The Revolution at The Tabernacle Set List

  • America
  • Computer Blue
  • Mountains
  • Take Me With You
  • Uptown (with Stokely Williams)
  • DMSR (with Stokely Williams)
  • All Day All Night
  • Raspberry Beret
  • Erotic City (with Stokely Williams)
  • Let’s Work (with Stokely Williams)
  • 1999 (with Stokely Williams)
  • Anotherloverholeinyourhead
  • Sometimes It Snows in April
  • Let’s Go Crazy
  • Delirious/Controversy
  • Kiss (with Stokely Williams)
  • When Doves Cry (with Stokely Williams)
  • Purple Rain


  • I Would Die 4 U
  • Baby I’m a Star (with a mystery female vocalist)