A Little Early Week Electro-Soul With Clouds & Crayons at Smith’s Olde Bar

The electro soul and spoken word duo Clouds & Crayons performed at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta.  Clouds & Crayons is vocalist Astin Rocks! and producer Loki Antiphony on guitar, keyboard and synths.   Their music is filled with thought provoking lyrics, enthralling electronic dance beats and soulful rhythms.  Listening to their genre blurring music is a treat for those with myriad tastes in music.

A Mondy night at Smith’s Olde Bar was a great way for me to kick off my week filled with music.   From the spoken word intro on “Ties”, through the closing song “Biloxi” Clouds & Crayons provided just enough for for mind, body and soul.  Astin Rocks! disappeared into her own space and reached deep inside to deliver warm vocals that were soothing as well as stirring.  Loki Antiphony moved between synthesized keys and electric guitar to give beats and rhythms that ranged from trap, to funk, to soul, to rock influenced.

Clouds & Crayons on Libro Musica Live!

“Contradiction” and “Nightmare” were my favorite tracks from the night.  Take a listen. from our Libro Musica Live! YouTube concert coverage.

Clouds & Crayons “Contradiction”

Clouds & Crayons “Nightmare”

Add Clouds & Crayons to your music library.  You can find their music on SoundCloud and at their BandCamp site.


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