Cowboy Mouth Parties at the Park Tavern Oyster & Crawfish Fest

“The name of the band is?” has only one proper response and that is to shout Cowboy Mouth at the top of your lungs.  There was a lot of shouting, dancing and good old southern rock and roll at the Park Tavern 15th Annual Oyster & Crawfish Festival at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.  Fred LeBlanc is the lead singer & drummer for the New Orleans-based rock band Cowboy Mouth.  Fred LeBlanc not only leads the band he leads the crowd at every Cowboy Mouth concert.  If at the end of a Cowboy Mouth concert there are a few guarantees:  your throat will be sore from screaming along with the lyrics; you will be invigorated from dancing all night; and you will have made some new friends for life with someone in the crowd.  The energy at a Cowboy Mouth concert is oh so powerful.

For me, being a drummer / front man, I always met a lot resistance within the music “industry”. So I never really gave a damn about it. For me, the albums exist to sell the live show. Because the live show is the one thing that nobody could steal from me. – Fred LeBlanc

LIVE is where the magic that is Cowboy Mouth happens!   Fred LeBlanc is a maniac on the drums and he expects the crowd to catch his insanity.  Enjoy Libro Musica’s exclusive footage of Cowboy Mouth at the Park Tavern 15th Annual Oyster & Crawfish Festival at Piedmont Park in Atlanta

Cowboy Mouth “Belly”

a guy who wants to use rock ‘n’ roll music as a way to transform peoples’ lives . . . loud and crazy . . . like a rock ‘n’ roll preacher“. – Fred LeBlanc


Cowboy Mouth “Tell The Girl”

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Cowboy Mouth Set List for Park Tavern 15th Annual Oyster & Crawfish Festival

  • Fooled Intro
  • Belly
  • Iko Iko
  • Everybody Loves Jill
  • Fire
  • Bad
  • Tell The Girl
  • Joe Strummer
  • Prison
  • So Sad/Voodoo
  • Hey Baby
  • Broken Up
  • Take Me Back to New Orleans
  • Drummer Man
  • I Believe
  • China
  • Jenny Says


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