Desi Raines Speaks On Tough Romantic Decisions with “Fly Away”

When romantic love gets a little tough sometimes you have to make a choice between staying to fight or to just “Fly Away.”  Singer, songwriter Desi Raines skillfully evokes the passion and the pain of sorting through tough choices in a relationship with his new single “Fly Away.”   Desi Raines joined Jae Franklin and DAYSHAWNx as one of the acts for the 3 Shades of Soul artist showcase at Aisle 5.

“Shades of Soul” speaks to how many layers there are to soul music. I believe that ALL music is a shade of soul ranging from shallow, bright colors to deep, rich hues. – Desi Raines

As he performed “Fly Away” the words and the intensity of his performance danced back and forth between many of my emotions.  Memories of past relationships both blissful and painful were juxtaposed against each other.  “Fly Away” is a classic in the making as it stirs the spirit and gives hope through Desi Raines’ soulful and heartfelt delivery.  This debut song is one to definitely add to your music library.

Stay tuned as we give you more from 3 Shades of Soul including an event recap and performances from DAYSHAWNx and Jae Franklin.

Q&A with Desi Raines

How did it feel to be performing on stage tonight?
Electric! The energy in the room at Aisle 5 was contagious. I was a little nervous to be sharing some of the music I’ve been working on, but as soon as I stepped on that stage, and felt the energy, all of the fear was gone! It was an amazing night.

You released “Fly Away” on Valentine’s Day. What made this the perfect song for Valentine’s Day?
I believe that it was perfect for Valentine’s day because it touches on every aspect of love. Love found, love lost, and love unrequited. Love is beautiful when shared equally between two people, however it seems like love is not as popular today as it was in the old days, you know? So this is a song for love in the rocky stages.

What’s on the horizon for the rest of the year?
Just stay tuned…this year is gonna be crazy, trust that!

Any people that you want to give a special shout out to? 
First and foremost I gotta give it up to the Big Man upstairs. Things started going crazy once I decided to give my gift back to Him, and He gave me life so I owe it all to Him!  Secondly, to my Wife, Ariana Raines and our daughter, Ava. They keep everything in my life afloat! Thirdly, my bro, Bryan Williams. We’ve created a sound that is all our own, and I would be nothing musically without him! Big ups to you, bruh! It’s time!!! Last, but not least, I gotta give it up to my bro, Sam Collier with TRG!! As soon as we linked, everything made sense! I appreciate you, bro!

As an Atlanta native, what makes Atlanta, Atlanta?
The people make the ATL what it is. The hospitality, the lingo, all of it. Places come and go, but Atlanta was built by the people who love it. You know? I was born and bred in the ATL, so this is all I know!