Marty Manous Rocks at MadLife

Rock guitarist and singer/songwriter Marty Manous performed live at MadLife Stage & Studios for the fifth time!  The crowd arrived early and filled in at MadLife.  I have discovered that this is always an indicator of the crowd’s connection to the artist.  A desire to not miss a chord and participation in the build up the excitement before the house light’s go down let me know that Marty Manous’ fan base was a solid one.  MadLife is one of the best live music venues in Atlanta and arguable the best one OTP.

MadLife is a world class venue. The owners are great people that care about original artist and want to help them succeed. The venue has incredible production (sound and light show) the staff is super friendly and professional, I cant say enough nice things about this venue! They know how to market too! Which is a great help for any artist that knows how to market as well. Downtown Woodstock has very vibrant and laid back feel to it, it seems like most there love live music as well. – Marty Manous

A great crowd and a great venue teamed up with a great artist makes for a great night of music.  I have heard Marty on stage at much smaller venues and must say that seeing him on a larger stage gave him room to spread his wings and fill the venue with this talent.  If you enjoy guitar heavy blues or rock music, Marty Manous is someone you should add to your music library.

What was the first album that you added to your personal music library?
I would say the first album that truly grabbed me when i was a kid was “Couldn’t Stand the Weather” by Stevie Ray Vaughan that album changed my life. I remember listening to it and thinking to myself that I could feel his soul and emotions with every note, and I said I don’t know what that is but I want to be able to do that, to put off that kind of energy and soulfulness. I’ve been striving for that ever since.

What was your most recent addition to your personal music library?
The most recent album I have added to my personal collection would probably be Salting Earth by Richie Kotzen an Incredible Singer/Guitarist/Keybordist/Songwriter. Richie is one of the greatest multi instrumentalist I’ve ever heard and his vocals and song writing are just awesome. He also jumps around in genres a lot. Which I do as well so that part appeals to me too.

What was your first live music experience?
My first live concert was when I was 11. I went to see The Allman Brothers Band at Lakewood Amphitheater with my parents. I was very lucky in that my parents had great taste in music and loved live music. I went to a ton of live concerts growing up and I think its shaped me as a performer in a big way. At the time Warren Haynes and Dickey Betts were the Guitar Players in the ABB and it was a very impactful show, those are two of the greats. Derek Trucks came out to sit in with them on a song he was only like 16. Very impactful.

If you could cover one album in your music library which would it be?
That’s an extremely hard question and Im not sure I can limit it to one album. I can tell the most impactful albums for me as an artist and I have covered a few of them live as special one off shows. Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys, my favorite Hendrix album and an extremely powerful album. My band and I actually covered that album two years ago all the way through and its available to watch on my YouTube Channel. Allman Brothers Live at Filmore East an incredible album. Eric Johnson live at Austin City 1988, this album has to be one of the greatest guitar albums ever EJ’s Tones, playing and performance are flawless its jaw dropping. Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at Austin City Limits again I covered this album last year from beginning to end and we have some clips up of that as well. Jeff Beck Wired  such an inventive guitar album with great musicians.

What artist do you wish more people had in their music library?
I mean honestly the first person I want to say is me! It might be self serving but of course I would like to broaden my fan base. I have two albums out under my name Marty Manous currently on the Lucky Street Music record label , Transcendence and Know My Name they are both available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and my website . One thing that I want people to know that have never really listened to my music is that that its probably different than you might think. I sometimes get labeled as a blues artist but I truly think of my self as a rock artist and singer songwriter that has guitar driven songs. My albums focus more on the song than guitar and I may have one bluesy song on each album but most are up beat Rock stuff.  Outside of me I would like more people to discover non -mainstream artist in any genre, break away a little from listening to what TV and advertising agencies tell them to listen to and listen to artist like Richie Kotzen, Eric Johnson, or Govt Mule who all have great career’s going for them but are still very much out of the mainstream.

Marty Manous at MadLife Set List

The set list for the night was filled with primarily Marty Manous originals with a few covers tossed in.  Each song highlighted Marty’s skill as a guitar player and the lyrics give you something to thing about between the guitar riffs. Several of the songs have special meaning to Marty and he shared in thoughts on them.

  • Know My Name
  • Bitches
  • Pride and Joy
  • Bird In a Cage
  • Little Wing
  • Love in Vain
  • Frankenstein

  • Blues Deluxe

  • “Fate” Is the first single I ever released and is a very personal song dealing with loss and finding inner strength to fight a battle for a loved one.
  • Watchtower
  • “My Girl” is a song I wrote with my fiancé Leslie Steinhoff in mind. I wanted to write a rocker song with the classic swagger about a beautiful women so I started thinking about how I could do that and give it some depth. She always had my back and so the line came out “Oh my girl shines a light in the rain” Oh my girl, takes away my pain”  the song was built around that chorus and a fuzzy guitar riff I had laying around. I also like the diversity that it shows between “Don’t Let Me Go” a more singer songwriter song and “My Girl” which is more of a guitar driven rock pop song.

  • “Transcending” Is an instrumental song I wrote that seems to be very well received. The thing about an instrumental song for me is that I personally don’t want to  hear someone soloing for 4 mins over a chord progression they wrote. Guitar players are bad about this to me its like they are saying  “Listen to me shred in the key D minor the saddest of all keys”  When I Listen to instrumental music I want to hear a verse a chorus and a hook just like you would if there was a vocalist!  When the guitar solo happens in an instrumental song I want it to be obvious that this is the guitar solo not just more soloing over more chords. So when I write instrumental stuff I sing the lines and just try to be as melodic as possible. I should also say there are some amazing musicians out there that do a great job of playing melodic as well.
  • Look Over Yonder Wall
  • “The Night is Calling.” This song is unique in so many ways and that’s why love it. I do love blues music but as a writer I always feel like its all been done before. This song takes the idea of a blues structure and puts a big guitar riff in it to break away from the normal blues format. Which is not that uncommon via British rock bands like Led Zeppelin but in my opinion what makes this song cool is, it has a chorus but it doesn’t happen until the end of the song. When the band stops and you think the song has ended it starts to build on the line “the Night is Calling my Name’ the harmony vocals come in and it just keeps building. until it explodes into the guitar solo that tries to blow the roof off the song.
  •  “Don’t Let Me Go” is a song that I wrote for my fiancé Leslie Steinhoff its my favorite song I’ve written. To me its real life and not sugar coated. I talk about in the song being so thankful that no other relationship that I had been in before her worked out because I found her and now I know what real love is.”Love finally found me, Don’t let it leave me, Don’t let me go.” There is honesty in in this song I admit I’ve made my mistakes. Once you find the real thing you realize how unhealthy those other relationships were.