Darlingside Brings “Extralife” and Beautiful Harmonies to Terminal West

If you are a fan of gorgeous vocal harmonies, poetic and sometimes esoteric lyrics and strings, strings and more strings then Darlingside is the band for you.  The Boston based quartet met at Williams College in western Massachusetts over a decade ago and have been performing together for six years.  The thoughtful naming of the band gives a glimpse of what to expect of the creative, often humorous yet intellectually stimulating music created by Darlingside.

Pesticide is used to kill pests. Fratricide is when you kill your brother. A former teacher of ours used to say ‘kill your darlings,’ which is to say, if you fall in love with something you’ve written you should cross it out. We like that idea and we thought a good name for it might be ‘darlingcide’, but we changed the ‘c’ to an ‘s’ because we’re not super into death.”  – Darlingside’s Dave Senft.

Darlingside is on a worldwide tour promoting their latest album Extralife and performed at Terminal West in Atlanta.

Extralife shows an evolution of the band’s music beyond the traditional Americana folk music they created on there 2015 album Birds Say.  The addition of some 80’s style MIDI video game noises gives some of the songs a modern twist.  This addition fits in well with the warm vocal harmonies with the guitar and banjo of Don Mitchell, Auyon Mukharji’s violin and mandolin, Dav Senft’s bass and Harris Paseltiner’s cello and guitar.  The lyrics of the title track “Extralife” takes a look at an uncertain future while with shadows of Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong.

It’s over now
The flag is sunk
The world has flattened out
Under the under grow
I’ve always found
A level further down
As I begin to lose hold of
The fiery flowerbeds above
Mushroom clouds reset the sky
Extralife – Darlingside “Extralife”

You can stream Extralife on Spotify or pick it up on iTunes.  The show at Terminal West included music from Extralife and Birds Say and even a sit in from Henry Jamison.  Add Darlingside to your music library.

Darlingside “Harrison Ford”

Darlingside “Go Back”