NEW MUSIC: Chilling to Some Lo Fi Vibes on Forenzik Styles

Lo-fi vibes, wavy, chill, current, and contemporary are a few ways to describe Forenzik Styles music. Producer, rapper, and Florida native Forenzik and his collective of other talented artists, photographers, and illustrators are pushing the sound and art culture of hip-hop forward. As a personal fan I’d like to describe is production as Dilla-ish with a touch of Neptunes, a dab of Toro Y Moi, and a hint of Mike Will. His tunes are unique and futuristic, but still relatable. As a rapper, Styles and his squad, YC Collective: Swerv the Hooligan, Tre Godfella, Pseudo Ra have strong lyrics and delivery. They give me the vibe of Isaiah Rashad, Vic Mensa, and Logic. Almost like Odd Future of the south. The formula for them seems pretty simple good voices, bars, engaging album art, and dope production.

What makes the playlist?

I’m always building and modifying my streaming playlist. When I hear new music, or get introduced to a new artist I like to go through their music and find the tracks that speak to me in the current space I’m in. Needless to say my lists are ever-evolving according to what spectrum of life I’m vibrating on. Just focusing on latest release, the STYLES album, Slow Down made my “driving playlist” and Wolves emphatically made my “Hip-hop lives” list. The album is packed with an array of vibes and moods, from down-tempo and chill, to high energy with potent lyric.

What’s next?

Forenzik has already begun working on his next project, and intends on releasing it towards the end of 2018. His goals are to continue to release music and collaborating with other artists. He’s made some solid connections and has collabed with some of Atlanta’s own indie talents.  You can take a look at some of his engineering, production and feature credits on SoundCloud.

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