Atlanta Garage Fest: Still Warning Satisfies Classic Rock Cravings

The Atlanta Garage Fest takes music back to those house parties, garages and basements where so many bands started. Tonight I heard music from Still Warning, RMS, Learning to Count, Galleon, BENT, Cherry Bomb, Cure My Enemy, Still Warning and Rackit.  To top all of this off the night ended with an open musicians jam where the crowd and musicians from earlier in the night rocked out until the wee hours of the morning. We didn’t quite make it until dawn but from dusk until the final amp was unplugged it was non stop excitement at Atlanta Garage Fest Spring 2018.

Still Warning is a blues based rock n’ roll band that released their debut self-titled EP in December of 2017. Even though the band has only been around since 2016 it is filled with some old school talent.

Still Warning is: Billy Bosler on vocals; Michael Hildebrand on bass; Tony Madewell on guitar and Mike Cyphers.  When asked about influences these guys mention bands like Stone Temple Pilots, The Cult, Alice in Chains.

Still Warning Set List

  • Rust
  • One Twenty Seven
  • Take This World
  • 4GetMeKnot
  • Rock n Roll Song
  • Ring of Fire
  • Ride
  • Lucy Black
  • Still Warning
  • Altitude
  • Good Times

Still Warning “Rust” | Libro Musica Live!


You can find Still Warning on social media on FacebookInstagram, YouTube and Twitter. Stay tuned to Libro Musica for more about the line up at Atlanta Garage Fest Spring 2018.

Kari Leigh London Written by: