A Jazz Set With Grüt at Smith’s Olde Bar

The Atlanta jazz band Grüt formed in 2015 as four of the members consistently found themselves on stage together at Elliott St. Pub.  In the spirit of what makes jazz great Daniel Wytanis (trombone), Patrick Arthur (guitar), Brandon Boone (bass) and Morgan Guerin (drums) blended their varied talents and musical passions to create Grüt.  When asked about their music the band says:

Grüt blends the predetermined with the spontaneous, is always open to the spirit of the moment, and above all, wants the effect of their music to be a joyful one.

Since that start in 2015, Grüt has released their debut self-produced self-titled EP in 2016 and added saxophonist Avys Burroughs to band in 2017.  I got to see them recently at Smith’s Olde Bar.    As I listened to Grüt a Wayne Shorter quote came to mind:

“Don’t repeat any of the other fairy tales, tell me a new story, tell me about yourself, tell me what you think life is, what is life, what is it?” – Wayne Shorter

Grüt is doing just that with their music.  Grüt tells there own story while staying true to traditional straight ahead jazz elements.  Each member of the band is could hold the stage on their own but with their combined instrumentation the band will certainly continue to wow crowds when they come to stage.

Take a look and listen to Grüt as we captured them for Libro Musica Live!

Grüt performing “Grit”


Grüt Performing “Kundig”

You can find more Grüt music on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.  Add them to your music library and listen local.