Jae Franklin Sings About Being “Blue & Stuck” Because “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”

I was introduced to Jae Franklin and her music at 3 Shades of Soul and after this introduction I’ll be keeping my calendar clear for future shows.  She joined Desi Raines  and DAYSHAWNx as one of the acts for the 3 Shades of Soul artist showcase at Aisle 5.

3 Shades of Soul means diversity and is a great platform to allow indie artists to express themselves and connect with new audiences.  It also gives an artist an opportunity to sharpen their skills and test out new music. – Jae Franklin

When I talked to her after the show she mentioned that she was nervous about giving her performance.  What ever pre-show jitters she may have had, they melted away as she stepped up to the microphone to perform one of her favorite songs, the ballad “Wishing On A Star”, by Rose Royce.

Jae Franklin also did an inspired cover of the Rose Rose break up ballad “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.”   Her interpretation of the song does great justice to Gwen Dickey’s vocals from this 1978 Billboard top ten single.  This song was a great addition to her set as it connected the audience to classic soul music as the 3 Shades of Soul artists presented their contemporary additions to the genre.

Her orignal song “Blue and Stuck” is from her 2017  EP, Jae Franklin, and is her reflection on a past relationship and speaks to how one can stay in a relationship that isn’t best for them.  So many of us have done it once or twice so perhaps “Blue and Stuck” will remind anyone that is “Blue and Stuck” that they can and should move on and find a happier space.

You can add the Jae Franklin EP to your music library from iTunes or stream it on Spotify.

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