PUNK BLACK No 35: Epic Metal with Nerdius Prime

PUNK BLACK presents Neridius Prime at Union EAV for a night of epic metal.  Nerdius Prime’s (Brian Causey) latest album, COMPENDIUM, is a metal lovers dream.  Songs from the album play out from end to end like the soundtrack to some bad ass Valkyrian vampire space saga anime movie.  Distorted and amplified guitar solos (oh yeah the album is an instrumental one) soar to the heavens and beyond and then Nerdius Prime’s shredding often bring out something primal.  You can find his music on Spotify  or download it from iTunes and Amazon.

PUNK BLACK is a monthly event series that provides a platform for indie punk bands led by people of color.  PUNK BLACK  hosts epic local events for these punk bands, intersectional communities, and cosplay fans.  PUNK BLACK is a safe space to come out meet new friends, enjoy some great music and rock your latest cosplay outfit.  This month’s event was held at Union in EAV.  Union is a dope spot for hearing music, the loft space for the stage is just far enough away from the bar so that you can enjoy your favorite cocktail and socialize.  That’s at least until you hear that familiar call to action “PUNK BLACK, PUNK BLACK, it’s time to come to the stage for our next artist!”

Once upstairs the soft spoken Nerdius Prime introduced himself to the crowd and then took us on a journey through a few songs from COMPENDIUM.

Nerdius Prime “Hero”

A self proclaimed comic book and science fiction nerd, Nerdius Prime, says that “Hero” was written with heroic shit in mind for anyone’s favorite hero.  Take a listen…


Nerdius Prime “Maiden of the Forest”

“Maiden of the Forest” echos many classic metal themes.  Which ones do you hear?

Take a listen to Nerdius Prime and add him to your music library.    Stay tuned to Libro Musica for more from this and other PUNK BLACK events.

Erika Johnson Written by: