“Free” “Chocolate Shake” with Edi

3 Shades of Soul brought a trio of soulful singers to the stage again at this month. Tonight’s performers were Edi, Baby Rose, and Sharod Virtuoso. Edi is soulful singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and entertainer. Earlier this year, Edi made an appearance on The Four: Battle For Stardom.  On The Four, four recording artists, spanning all music genres, fight to defend their seats in front of a panel of industry experts. Edi didn’t move on beyond his initial appearance on the show and Sean “Diddy” Combs told to Edi to “get mad and get inspired to prove us wrong.”

Just few months later, here at Aisle 5, Edi’s performance showed his range as a performer. From the beautifully sweet love ballad “Free”, to the wall clearing, gotta pump in your trunk dance song “Chocolate Shake”, Edi showed that he has the components to perhaps one day show DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor, Charlie Walk, and Diddy wrong.

Edi opened his set with his interpretation of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love.” This cover was followed by his original song “Free.” It was when he stripped back the drums, guitar and background singer, pulled out a chair and pulled up to the microphone with just a piano in the back ground that Edi REALLY got my attention. His song “Free” is a love song that heralds the power of love and with every verse Edi’s vocals and lyrics move the spirit. This performance of “Free” may just  warm the heart of anyone that may have given up on true love.

Edi “Free”

Edi’s next song song “Crush” took a look at another side of love with a spirited declaration of affection for that special someone “I got a crush on you.” The set was closed out with a start contrast as the heavy drum laden intro to “Chocolate Shake” hammered it’s way out of the speakers at Aisle 5. Then the two keyboard players kicked in with a hypnotic rhythm. Add in the deep thrumming of the bass player and we were transported from Cupid’s serene garden of love to a party scene that would make Bacchus proud.

Edi “Chocolate Shake”

Stay tuned for more music from Edi on his soon to be released debut EP LOVE: the eXperience.