Tales of a Broke(n) Songwriter from Sharod Virtuoso

Sharod Virtuoso performed at this month’s 3 Shades of Soul artist showcase.   Other artists on stage tonight were Edi and Baby Rose.  Sharod Virtuoso is a producer, singer/songwriter and the lead guitarist for the Atlanta based quartet The Band of Brothas.   I have seen Sharod play guitar to back up a number of artists over the past year and it was refreshing to see him finally step into the spotlight and the microphone for his own set.  Tales of a Broke(n) Songwriter follows a theme that I have seen at the 3 Shades of Soul artist showcases.  That theme is love and relationships.  In the case of Sharod Virtuoso we got to experience the sadder side of love as we heard tales of broken love affairs.

“3 Shades of Soul to me means the many sides of soul music: it’s the layers and special things, sounds and vibes that come together that not only make great music, but creates moments and experiences for people to relate and gravitate to. I think soul music is so often placed in a box of conformity so people tend to write it off as just old school or slow jam records.  It’s so much more than that though.  I believe ANY music that reaches your soul… that pulls on you and makes you have an experience that you otherwise wouldn’t have felt or had, regardless of genre, THAT’S soul music”  Sharod Virtuoso

On his set we got to hear songs from Sharod Virtuoso’s debut EP Tales of a Broke(n) Songwriter, a cover of Miguel’s “Come Through and Chill” and an unreleased single “Selfish.”

Sharod Virtuoso “Back to YOU”

Check out Sharod Virtuoso on Spotify and iTunes, add him to your music library and help him to not be a broken song writer.

Sharod Virtuoso “Come Through and Chill”


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