Camera Box Gets “Physical” at Vinyl

We added Camera Box to our music library when they were on the Road to Roo and competing for a chance to perform on stage at the 2018 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. You can read about their journey on the Road to Roo and the “Steve Harvey Moment” at the Atlanta City Finals in our Road to Roo Coverage.   Catching them on stage for the first time, I was immediately hooked by their high energy, cohesiveness and crowd appeal.   The Road to Roo competition was a great introduction to Mike Felker on drums. Carter Culwell on keys. Danny Weathers on guitar and lead vocals. Joshua Hilton on bass. and Dalton Harvey on electric guitar.  Getting to see them perform a full set as the head liner gave me a view of the depth of this band.

At tonight’s show, at Center Stage’s Vinyl, Camera Box performed their debut album, Physical, from beginning to end and closed with “Diagnosis,” their latest single.   You can stream Physical on Spotify and SoundCloud or purchase a copy for you music library at iTunes.  Enjoy some of our Libro Musica Live! video of Camera Box performing some of these songs at Smith’s Olde Bar, Sports & Social and at tonight’s show at Vinyl.

Physical starts with “Religion/Lord Knows” a song that has many layers of meaning mixed in with the many layers of music.  You can hear the blues influence of Camera Box’s particular blend of alternative rock on this track and the haunting gospel infused organ drives us through this quest to find answers to some deep rooted questions… “Well good God you know I’m trying, I’m been trying to find where you are.  I’ve been searching for you with my eyes closed. Hoping divine revelation takes me in…

With their next song we go from the metaphysical exploration of spirit to “Physical Love.”

Their song “If You Want To” is one of the songs they performed at the Road to Roo Atlanta City Finals at the Battery Sports & Social.  The hard hitting drums and bass rhythm is one of those songs that gets event the most rooted wall flower moving.

The band shifts gears with “Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom” and eases into a lovely ballad with some angst filled lyrics.  “Wake up in the morning time, nothing ever lasts, nothing at all…

WIth “Kicks” the band cranks it back up again with another rambunctious song with a driving rhythm.

With “Mexico” the band once again shifts the tempo.  This time they move on to the edges of frantic mosh pit style head banging in this heavily guitar filled track.  On “Give Me Love” the band speaks from the heart to plead for what we all want, love.  The album closes out with “Limbs (Wake Up)” another slow angst filled song.

We closed out the night with Camera Box’s latest single “Diagnosis.” “Diagnosis” was released earlier this year and I’m hoping that it’s a peak into what will follow their 2016 album Physical.  Head over to Libro Musica Live! on YouTube to see their performance of “Diagnosis” at Vinyl.