Disco Balls, Blue Lights, Rock Music and the Last Chance Riders at the Star Community Bar

Once upon a time a blue light in a basement was a sign that a house party was going down.  At those blue lights in the basement house parties one would always find good friends, good music and good times.  Even though the party wasn’t in the basement, the Star Community Bar with it’s blue lights and huge disco ball was the place to be for a rockin’ good time as the Last Chance Riders hit the stage.

The Last Chance Riders are: Jessie Albright on vocals, DeWitt Thompson on guitar,  John Woods on guitar, Jim Martin on bass and Shane Denmark on drums.  DeWitt Thompson who is the brain child of most of the music of the band came up with the name and this name stuck and has been a good fit for what the band is doing.  Most of the band has been putting out music for a long time and this is the opportunity for all those experiences to reach a culmination.

Special thanks to new Libro Musica contributor Kelly Thompson for helping me capture images of the Last Chance Riders.

How Did They Get Together…

The band’s roots go back to Jim and John playing together back in high school where they started their first band.   Fast forward ahead to just a couple years ago Dewitt and Jessie met Jim and John at a charity event in Dahlonaga.  After seeing Jim and Jessie play Dewitt told them that he liked what he saw them doing on stage and that he would reach out when he was ready to start a band.  After exchanging numbers Jim got a call from Dewitt six months later to say “it’s time”.  Jim was surprised to learn what ready really meant.  Dewitt had a three inch binder filled with the lyrics of dozens and dozens of songs. 

Jessie’s desire to sing original rock and roll music and her immediate connection with the guys made her a perfect fit.  Just a few months ago, after performing at a Rock N Taco event hosted by Shane they added him to the band after losing their original drummer.

Their Music…

Armed with Dewitt’s binder filled with music the band works together to go from Dewitt’s general idea of cord structure to add bridges, guitar riffs and give it that slightly behind the beat rock &  roll feel but at the same time keeping in some high energy.   Those songs from that binder have transformed into the music that you hear on stage from the Last Chance Riders today.  The band has over 90 minutes of original music to share and much more music that they haven’t tapped into yet.

After honing their music in their home studio the band heads over to Sonica Studios to lay down their tracks.  When the band performs in the studio they strive to capture a sound that is true to the experience of hearing them perform live.  On their album they didn’t want an over produced sound and wanted to leave the music with that raw sound that feels like a live performance.

Expect to see the band’s first album, Jet Lag Super Drag, before summer time.  You can help the band’s album, Jet Lag Super Drag, come to life by contributing to the band’s Go Fund Me campaign.  Get a feel for what to expect from the Last Chance Riders with a couple videos form our YouTube Channel.

Last Chance Riders performing “Tangled Up” at Star Bar

Last Chance Riders Performing “Dry” at Star Bar

Add the Last Chance Riders to your music library.  You can get the Last Chance Riders first single “Heart On A Chain” which was released in 2017 on their Reverbnation page.   They are currently working on their first album to be released in 2018.