Psychedelic Experimental Music from the South Broad Street Collective Visitors

Visitors combines elements of fusion, funk, and psychedelic jams to create a groove that you you will want to add to your music library.  The Visitors create their music in the Broad Street Visitors Center recording studio in the heart of downtown Atlanta.  Visitors is Rasheeda Ali on flute, Dan Carey Bailey on bass, Gage Gilmore on keys, Jeremi Johnson on synthesizer, Kenneth Kenito Murray on percussion and Jared Pepper on drums. Tonight their shared three of their songs (: “Origami”, “The Plants Emerge” and “Optimism of Concern”) at Aisle 5 in Little Five Points.  What I really loved about this band is how much their music feels improvised yet it’s a well crafted composition.

“Origami”, from their first release The Optimism of Concern,  is a slice of heaven.  With this song, much as the name implies, Visitors takes an empty and formless silent space and creates something complex and beautiful.

“The Plants Emerge” from their Nature Documentary album which was release in March of 2018.

They closed out their set with the title track from their album The Optimism of Concern, “Optimism of Concern.”   You can purchase this track at on the band’s Band Camp page:



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