Whey Jennings: Keeping the Legend Alive

On June 12, 2018 Whey Jennings stopped off on his tour to MadLife Stage and Studios in Woodstock, Georgia for what would be an epic night of down low and gritty country music. Whey Jennings grew up in a family full of country music royalty. His grandfather, the legendary Waylon Jennings and grandmother Jessi Colter both had major success in the major music charts for decades. Whey treated the audience to a mix of his original music as well as some of his favorite cuts that his grandfather recorded and made famous.

Born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas, Whey Aaron Jennings is the oldest son of his mother Katherine and father Terry Jennings. Whey has always had a deep love for music since the first time he stepped foot on stage. Whey was just a boy at one of his grandpa Waylon’s shows. His grandma Jessi had just left the stage after singing “Storms Never Last.” Jessi left the stage and laid her microphone on a chair backstage. Young Whey picked up the microphone and pranced out onto the stage and began singing “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys.” Whey’s grandpa Waylon shouted out “Hey hold up there Hoss…wait for me!” Waylon went to pickin’ and when the song was finished the crowd went nuts. It was on that day that Whey fell in love with music and as the say… the rest is history.

Whey says he always knew he wanted to pursue music. “I’ve got music in my blood, y’know? My Uncle Shooter called one day and asked if I wanted to come out to one of his shows and do a couple of songs with him. I started talking to some people on the bus, musicians from different areas, and I’ve been on it ever since.” He says the best advice from his family came from Uncle Shooter who told him, “Be yourself and don’t change that. That’s pretty much the only advice there is, ’cause once they got ya, they got ya. Play hard to get.”

Whey Jennings and The Unwanted will release their first full album as a band featuring one track written by Danny Thompson titled “Those Days” and nine tracks completely written by Whey Jennings himself. The album is titled VOICES FROM THE GALLOWS and it’s a mixture of country southern rock blues gospel and it’s 100% real songs written by real men about real situations they lived. “I’m trying to live up to my Grandfather’s name and not mess up, you know?” he says. “I don’t want to be a clone, but I always want to pay good homage to my Grandfather’s legacy. I want to stay true to who I am, but not forget who I am.” Whey ends every performance with an a cappella original dedicated to his grandfather called “Missing You.”

According to Whey, “I’m hard to know and impossible to understand, but I hope when I go you all know where I stand. I like to think that these days I’m a good man, but there was a time I’d have been lying to say that. I believe Alan Jackson said it best when he said, “Just be patient, I’m a work in progress”, but all in all I gotta say I’m really proud of the man I am today.”

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