The Last Chance Riders Jet Lag Super Drag Album Release

Jet Lag Super Drag is the debut album from Atlanta based rock and roll quintet The Last Chance Riders. My first listen to The Last Chance Riders was when they performed at The Star Community Bar in Little Five Points.  (Check out my article Disco Balls, Blue Lights, Rock Music and The Last Chance Riders for some background on the band and their music). At this point in the band’s career they had released two singles, “Heart On A Chain” and “Downright Disgusted” and were working on turning a binder full of songs into their first album, Jet Lag Super Drag..

The Last Chance Riders are: Jessie Albright on vocals, DeWitt Thompson on guitar,  John Woods on guitar, Jim Martin on bass and Shane Denmark on drums. Listening to and seeing The Last Chance Riders perform at The Star CommunityBar, I decided to get “Tangled Up” with them to see what the band members do with this “last chance” to become rock stars.

Special thanks to Libro Musica contributor Kelly Thompson for helping me capture images of the Last Chance Riders.

The Last Chance Riders at Sonica Studios

After honing their songs in their home studio and on stage, the band went into Sonica Recording Studios with award winning producer John Briglevich, to put together eight songs for Jet Lag Super Drag. The songs on the album have a common theme of hardship and endurance.

In the studio the band kept up their light hearted sibling like banter but were all about business as they laid down their tracks.  The clock was ticking as they painstakingly went through take after take after take of their songs to get things just right for the final mastering.


The Last Chance Riders at the Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta

What better to debut your new album than to play it live from beginning to end for your family, friends and fans. The Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta was the spot for The Last Chance Riders to share their album with the world and to start the next chapter in the band’s career. In the green room the band was giddy with excitement and that excitement shined through as they hit the stage to perform.

Take a listen to “Valley Below” and “Nicotine” from Jet Lag Super Drag.

Last Chance Riders “Valley Below”

Last Chance Riders “Nicotine”

You can stream Jet Lag Super Drag from the Last Chance Riders on Spotify or download it from iTunes.  Add them to your music library and listen live and listen local!