Rusted Soul Shines at Moon Rock Radio 88.8’s Premiere Party

As they prepared to perform to the SOLD OUT crowd for the Moon Rock Radio 88.8 premiere party, Fred Hadley, the lead singer of Rusted Soul, asked some questions to the crowd at Hard Rock Café“Has anyone heard of Rusted Soul before? No one? No one at all?”  Based upon the crowd response, the answer to all the questions Fred asked at the beginning of the set was YES. The Hard Rock Cafe was at capacity for the Moon Rock Radio premier party, but somehow the crowd seemed to swell as Rusted Soul hit the stage.

I wasn’t sure what I would hear. I was probably one of the few people in the crowd that had never heard Rusted Soul live. Rusted Soul’s lyrics and music are a hybrid of rock and soul, harmonious and raw at the same time.  Fred Hadley’s vocals are powerful and seem to come from the depth of his soul.

Fred lays his soul open for all to see with songs like  “Absence of Faith”, about losing his faith in mankind; “Fire In The Sky”, where he sings about being in love with a woman but then getting his heart broken; and on “Save My Soul”, about the trials and tribulations in Fred’s life and overcoming his own self degradation.

Rusted Soul “Save My Soul”

Rusted Soul “Absence of Faith”

Rusted Soul “Fire In The Sky”

“Has anyone heard of Rusted Soul before?” The answer for me is now a resounding YES! There is a family of Rusted Soul fans that I am pleased to join. If you didn’t have them in your Music Library, go add them now.

Rusted Soul is Fred Hadley, Joe Burson, Jennifer Fowler, Kyle Lake and John Ward. They are based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and their next album Breaking Chains is scheduled for release later this year.

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Photography by Kelly Thompson, Kelly Thompson Photography,
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