Cowboy Mouth Gets Rowdy at the Buckhead Theatre

Cowboy Mouth explodes on stage with a uniquely energetic style of rock & roll with a rowdy style influenced by their hometown, New Orleans. Seeing Cowboy Mouth for the first time was a thrilling experience. This time playing at the Buckhead Theatre, they have performed an incredible 2,500+ concerts over the last two decades and it doesn’t look the band is slowing down any time soon.

Atlanta has been fortunate enough to be a tour stop for Cowboy Mouth since the 90’s. In fact, we added their performance at Park Tavern‘s Oyster & Crawfish Festival to our YouTube Libro Musica Live! music library earlier this year. If you have never seen them live be sure to catch them next time they stop by Atlanta or a city near you.

Cowboy Mouth Parties at the Park Tavern Oyster & Crawfish Fest

Cowboy Mouth “Tell the Girl”

Cowboy Mouth “Belly”

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