Howling With Kebbi Williams and the Wolfpack at Aisle 5

The Wolfpack ATL collective is a who’s who of Atlanta’s jazz, funk, afro-beat and experimental music scene.  Led by Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Kebbi Williams, the Wolfpack thrilled the crowd at Aisle 5 with their thunderous horns, massive percussion & rhythm section, and keys.

The horn section of the Wolfpack ATL made their way into Aisle 5 and carved their way through the crowd with horns howling, while the rhythm section set the pace on stage.  This up close and personal performance set the crowd to dancing on the floor.  With the crowd grooving to their sounds the Wolfpack ATL squeezed their way onto the stage with some members spilling out onto the floor.  With Kebbi Williams at the helm they didn’t give us a chance to stop moving to the music.

Take a listen to Kebbi Williams and the Wolfpack doing their THANG!

Be on the lookout for the next time the Wolfpack hits the stage.



Erika Johnson Written by: