Vices of Vanity at Moon Rock Radio 88.8’s Premiere Party

The trio that is Vices of Vanity is a fun loving rock band with rowdy songs and lyrics.  Their catchy hooks and rock anthem riffs were the perfect addition to the Moon Rock radio 88.8 premier party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta.  Vices of Vanity is Lynnay Della Luce on guitar and lead vocals; Amy Epperly on bass and vocals; and Hunter Cook on drums.

Vice of Vanity released their EP Rowdy in 2018.  With songs like “Bad Boys”, “Drink Drank Drunk” and “Rowdy” the band continues their tradition of creating tributes to their favorite vices: drinking and partying.  Go ahead and crank it up and turn one up with “Bad Boys,” the opening track from Rowdy, from the Libro Musica YouTube channel.

If you are looking for a band to party with, Vices of Vanity should be on your list! Add them to your music library.  You can stream Rowdy on Spotify. or download on iTunes.

Vices of Vanity is working to launch their next tour.  Check out the band’s Go Fund Me page for the Rowdy Tour Summer 2018 and lend your support.

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Photography by Kelly Thompson, Kelly Thompson Photography, for Libro Musica

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