Welcome to “The Show” with Anchored at Moon Rock Radio 88.8’s Premiere Party

Dallas, Texas-based southern hard rock band, Anchored, closed out the Moon Rock Radio 88.8 premiere party at the Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta. Anchored is Brandan Narrell on vocals, Zach Davis on lead guitar, Greg Betsworth on bass, and Matt Clark on drums.

The band’s song “The Show,” from their 2017 album Beneath the Surface, captures much of the energy of the night with it’s driving opening guitar riff and throbbing drums.

During Anchored’s set, the party atmosphere of the already mettlesome Moon Rock Radio celebration went to a new height. The cheeky antics of lead singer Brandan Narrell spearheaded revelry in the crowd, whipping up an exhilaration that enticed Kat Smith (lead singer from Cinematic) to make her way to the stage, joining Anchored for their thunderous close.

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Artist: Anchored
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta
Locale: Atlanta, Georgia
Date: Saturday, July 14, 2018
Event: Moon Rock Cafe 88.88 Premier Party
Photography: Antonius Maximus Rex & Kelly Thompson – Kelly Thompson Photography, for Libro Musica