Conkrete God Brings the Thunder & Lightning to Smith’s Olde Bar

Conkrete God takes the stage like primordial titans. Mythology tells us that before all there was Chaos and out of the chaos came Night.  The Night was nothing but silence and empty perpetual darkness.  Magically Love was born.  It is out of silence that Conkrete God brings love to drive away the silence and darkness.  T

The Conkrete God performance at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta was no exception to what I have come to expect from the five piece hard rock band.  Their original music has a powerful message with electrified guitars of Auslander and The Professor and thundering drums and bass of the Conkreetor and Kewl.  Above all of this is the voice of the soulful muse of poetry and love, Denitra.

Conkrete God “Murder Me”

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