Southern Gothic Rock With Sister Moon at Hard Rock Cafe

Southern gothic rock band Sister Moon’s performance of “Overheard” at the Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta was featured in our 100 Bands 100 Days marathon earlier this year. When we did our review of songs and bands that moved us the most, Sister Moon made our Top 25 list.

Ashley Rivera’s haunting yet warm vocals and the band’s use of dark abstract themes make for music that draws you into the shade even on the sunniest of days. Sister Moon is Ashley Rivera on vocals, guitarist & producer David Rowe, drummer Gary Stone, and bass player Lee Banks. The band’s latest single “Corners” is a melancholy example of what the band does so well. So pen your mind, take a listen, and let the story and mood unfold.

It’s black as pitch
It’s dead of night
In the corners where shadows hide
I tell the secrets the walls can’t bear to write
In the corners where nobody feels
and all the monsters are real

— “Corners”, Sister Moon

Ashley Rivera of Sister Moon

Ashley Rivera has been a full-time musician since 2012, but music has been with her for her entire life and is definitely in her DNA. Her grandfather, father, and mother were musicians and singers — her father an avid rock fan, and her mother a lover of country music. As a child of a traveling military family she developed an adventurous spirit. Her wanderlust sets in when she finds herself in one place for too long, so if you’re not finding her on stage, you may find her backpacking along north Georgia trails.

Some of that adventurous spirit has found its way into her music career. Her first band, a country music project and first single release experience, was Blackjack Ketchum. After that and before launching Sister Moon, Ashley Rivera spent time in Nashville as a song writer. In fact, one of the songs she created was for local-Atlanta artist Angela Reign — “Cowgirls Do“.

Going from country to rock was a very slow burn. She had a great time songwriting in Nashville, but found herself chasing what might be popular as she wrote songs for other people. With a desire to create more of her own music, and take advantage of what she felt was her natural affinity for rock vocals, Sister Moon was formed in 2017.

Five Favorite Libro Musica Questions, with Sister Moon

What was the first addition to your music library?
Led Zeppelin’s Greatest Hits.

Most recent addition to her music library?

Vices of Vanity’s “Hard Way”.

What was your first concert?

Rush in West Palm Beach for their 30th anniversary tour, and the next night I saw Kiss.

Most recent concert?
Robert Plant & the Sensational Space Shifters which was a completely emotional show that blew me away. This show gave me the opportunity to see live the person that has made so much music that has been a huge influence on me. To hear him with my own ears and see him with my own eyes was pretty intense. He is completely above and beyond everyone else, he got to me.

If you could cover one album on stage what would it be?

Zepplin III or Bobbie Gentry’s Ode to Billie Joe.

Want More Sister Moon?

Sister Moon’s next song “Devil’s Own” will be released in mid-October followed by “Lorelei” later this year. You can stream their music on Spotify or on iTunes.

Stay tuned to Libro Musica as these songs are released and listen to more Sister Moon on our Libro Musica YouTube Channel.

Artist: Sister Moon
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe 
Locale: Atlanta, Georgia
Date: June 22, 2018
Event: Shebloom with Indee Killed the Pop Star and Dara Carter