Ashley Sno SoundCloud Series – Week 5

Week 5 of singer, songwriter and musician, Ashley Sno’s 11 week SoundCloud Series continues with two new hip hop infused R&B tracks.  On Tuesday she releases “In Paris.”  This song reflects the beautiful space in a relationship when it all seems almost too good to be true. You know, that moment when the possibilities are limitless and the passion is fresh.

Hey there sugar! I been waitin’ for ya
I want to be loyal to your wishes
spoil you with kisses
You should see this vision that I have of you
Girl I would do anything you ask me to.
“In Paris” Ashley Sno

Backing up Ashley Sno on “In Paris” is Dara Carter on vocals.  Take a listen here first on Libro Musica.

This Friday Ashley Sno releases “Another Level” which is a remix of the classic Nas track “Surviving The Times”. This song is unlike any other as of yet in the series. Flexing a combo of lyrical and vocal ability, Ashley Sno gets down to earth and honest and reflects on the state of today’s society.

More Ashley Sno

The Ashley Sno SoundCloud Series is just the beginning for this talented artist. She has a few albums in the works Sticks (R&B), Stones (hip hop), Diamonds (acoustic), and an eclectic mix of music entitled Sticks, Stones & Diamonds.

See you every Monday right here from now into mid November as we preview the songs for that week’s Ashley Sno SoundCloud series drop. Check out all the songs in the Ashley Sno SoundCloud series so far right here.

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