Ashley Sno SoundCloud Series – Week 6

“Never Fall” and “I’m Great” are Ashley Sno’s additions for week 6 of her SoundCloud Series. The singer, songwriter and musician continues her ground breaking 11 week series with two more songs that you should add to your music library.

Last week we heard Ashley Sno team up with Dara Carter on the sultry track “In Paris.”  This week on “Never Fall” she teams up with Jay Ovara. Jay Ovara has traveled the world playing basketball and recently returned to Atlanta with an eye opening style of trap music.  His verse helps to make this song a banger!  This track speaks of Ashley Sno’s resilience, resistance, and incredible drive to win.

I don’t fold. I don’t break.
I ain’t at the top but I’m on my way.
I know I’mma make it. I’mma go my pace.
Especially for the haters. Gotta show my face.
I don’t fold. I don’t break.
I don’t give a damn about what they say.
I ain’t never seen so many people so fake.
I’m just gonna live my life and focus on me,
so I never fall.  “Never Fall” Ashley Sno

As I listened to this song, I was yet again drawn in by Ashley Sno’s ability to weave hip hop with smooth sultry R&B stylings. “Never Fall” is a blend of hard core and melodic elements on a Dansonn produced beat that has lots of theatrics. Take a listen here first on Libro Musica.

Song #12, “I’m Great” drops this Friday and features another rising star, Josias. He brings a lot of power and flare to the inspiring hook in “I’m Great.”  The incisive lyrics and flow on this song are reminiscent of Eminem but, as usual, Ashley Sno adds her own one of a kind style. Week 6 is NOT for the faint of heart! This week, Sno is showing us another brilliant side of her music and her mind in the SoundCloud Series.

More Ashley Sno

The Ashley Sno SoundCloud Series is just the beginning for this talented artist. She has a few albums in the works Sticks (R&B), Stones (hip hop), Diamonds (acoustic), and an eclectic mix of music entitled Sticks, Stones & Diamonds.

See you every Monday right here from now into mid November as we preview the songs for that week’s Ashley Sno SoundCloud series drop. Check out all the songs in the Ashley Sno SoundCloud series so far right here.

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