The Dara Carter Chronicles – Episode I

Dara Carter describes her music as genre-free but it has a heart and soul that spans the many genres she performs. It’s this that connects you to her music. From pop, to neo-soul, to classic soul to rock & roll Dara’s talent shines. Listening to her perform her music live I’ve come to believe that Dara Carter is on a trajectory to create music that will have a lasting impression on the hearts and souls of many.

When I learned that she was working on her followup to her 2017 album, The Gem In I, my curiosity was piqued to learn more about Dara Carter and her music. Dara Carter’s unnamed album is targeted for release in early 2019 and Libro Musica will be along with her for the ride from now until its release. With The Dara Carter Chronicles, we will be there with her in the studio, on tour and with her as she makes appearances to promote her current and future music.

In this episode we head down to Florida for performances and a radio interview, see her perform live at Hot 107.9, sit down with her for an interview, and enjoy studio sessions as she works on her first new single “Wolves” and an live version of “Indigo” from The Gem In I.

Touring in Florida & NPR Live

Dara Carter is no stranger to performing on the road — she’s performed at the Apollo Theatre in New York as well as at the White House for President Barack Obama. Her most recent road trip took Dara and her team down 75 south, from Atlanta to the gulf coast of Florida.

Before hitting the stage at The Howl in Ft. Myers, FL, Dara Carter stopped by the studio at NPR-member radio station WGCU-FM.  An on air interview for Gulf Coast Live on WGCU was followed by a live studio performance.  She was accompanied by percussionist Pete Flower from the Southwest Florida-based punk band The Young Dead.

At The Howl, Dara Carter previewed “Wolves” from her upcoming album for the crowd, performed songs from The Gem In I, and a couple of her favorite cover songs. Take a listen to “Try Again” from The Gem In I.

Living The Dream with Radio One in Atlanta

In Atlanta, Radio One is Hot 107.9, Praise 102.5, Classix 102.9 and Majic 107.5/97.5. These four stations have the ear of millions of local and online listeners. For every emerging artist dreaming of someday hearing their music on the radio, New Music Day at Radio One is one way to make that dream a reality.

At New Music Day, indie artists like Dara Carter, get a chance to have their music heard by members of the Radio One A&R team (DJ Redd Dread  and J Morris), get some feedback on their music and possibly get their music added to one of Radio One’s station’s playlists.

Dara Carter and her social media team showed up for New Music Day at Radio One with infectious excitement ready to showcase music from her debut album, The Gem In I.

Of the several indie artists participating in New Music Day, Dara Carter was one of two artists selected to perform live for the Hot 107.9 audience on the Music Day Live show. On the Music Day Live Show, DJ Redd Dread and the Heat Seekers (J Morris and Jay Wilson) interview artists and showcase music from artists they believe are poised to be the next hot act on the airwaves.

Dara Carter Interview and Studio Time at Radon Recordings Studio

Dara Carter headed to Radon Recordings studio in Atlanta to record two tracks. The first, a live studio version of “Indigo,” then “Wolves” for her upcoming project. Joining Dara Carter in studio were LB on keybass, Tyson on keyboards, Will Derr on drums, and Brandon Thomas on guitar.

Just before she hit the studio, I got a chance to sit down with Dara to hear more about these songs, her musical influences, and about why she decided to continue to call Atlanta home.

More Dara Carter

Stay tuned to Libro Musica and we continue with The Dara Carter Chronicles.  If you want to see her live, check in on the event calendar at  You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and iTunes.

The Gem That is Dara Carter, at Eddie’s Attic