The DLX Release Catchy Third Single “Problems” Off Upcoming 2019 EP

Shawn Chambliss may be from Hattiesburg, Mississippi but the sound he has cultivated with pop project The DLX is loaded with big city style and potential. His first two singles “IDK” and “Two Kids” have already earned him accolades including a milestone of one million listens across online platforms and four Best of the Pine Belt award nominations. Since 2015, Shawn and his team of fans, crew, and other supporters have put in immense amounts of hard work and that hard work has paid off more and more each year.

Today now marks the release of The DLX’s third single “Problems.” This single will accompany “IDK” and “Two Kids” on an upcoming EP to be released in 2019. In Shawn’s words, the track is about “a relationship doomed from the start.” He explains that “it’s a song that everyone can get behind because we all have problems- whether…in relationships or not- and that’s okay!” Despite the subject matter and title, “Problems” is an immensely catchy track with a sense of permeating positivity.

Blending Southern influences with pop sentiment, Chambliss has developed a smooth, slightly soulful sound with an appeal that easily spans genres and demographics. He chooses to expand beyond acoustic singer songwriting and instead layers vibrant electric guitars, modern synths, and other enveloping sounds to create something entirely unique that sticks with listeners. The music of The DLX is upbeat and youthful but full of developed ideas and unique perspective. “Problems” describes the rarely made decision to recognize problems without sacrificing one’s love for life. The song was created with a “hope…that we can all unite in singing that chorus loudly because none of us have it all figured out, and that’s perfectly fine,” Shawn elaborates.

Lyrics like “fooled me twice so I agree that the second time is on me” face potentially crushing realities with a refreshing sense of levity that is rarely seen. This honesty is not a mistake made by The DLX ; in fact, it is the signature of Shawn’s sound and his brand. His goal is not just to express himself or attain fame but instead to foster a real sense of community with his listeners and team. It may be that Chambliss’ southern charm lies more in his approach than in his sound. Available today, you can now give The DLX new single “Problems” a listen and decide for yourself. Check it out across all streaming platforms including iTunes and Spotify.   Once you add The DLX to your music library, stay tuned to Libro Musica for news on The DLX’s upcoming 2019 EP.

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