1, 2, REZZ is Coming for You: A Nightmare On REZZ Street Mixtape

Prepare to have your soul snatched! REZZ just dropped Nightmare on REZZ Street, a 32 minute a Halloween inspired audio and visual mix.

Affectionately dubbed “Space Mom” by her fans, Isabelle Rezazadeh, going by her stage name REZZ, has been sweeping the electronic music scene with her grinding downtempo beats, heavy bass, and hypnotizing sound. Followed by an army of “REZZbians” and her intensely loyal “Cult of REZZ”, REZZ has played in clubs, festivals, and stages across the globe, setting fire to any preconceived notions of the bass music genre.  Most recently the 23 year old self-taught Canadian producer sold out her biggest headlining show, REZZ Rocks, at Red Rocks Amphitheater on October 13th, and isn’t giving any signs of slowing down.

Just after this show, on October 16th, a mysterious website titled “Nightmare on REZZ Street” was shared, with a timer counting down to midnight on October 22nd. What could it be? More music? A comic book? A special tour? A secret show? Her followers went wild with speculation, and three days later, she revealed the surprise. Nightmare on REZZ Street was to be a special project, involving 32 minutes of unreleased audio complete with a music video component unique to each track, and most importantly, free for download to the public.

“My goal for this was simply to give the fans something cool idc about money right now”, REZZ tweeted. “This mix is a combo of stuff I made years ago + also newer stuff. It’s music that was sitting around on my computer & I wanted fans to hear either way because I always wonder what my favourite artists never released.” The generous and ambitious undertaking of such a project, barely two months after releasing her sophomore album and while still on tour, was not lost on her fans.

This weekend there was a different type of nightmare. With no fanfare, the entire mixtape appeared on Spotify two days ahead of schedule. Many keen eyed fans jumped at the opportunity to listen, thinking perhaps it had been released early as a treat. However, it soon became clear that this was neither a trick nor a treat, but an accidental leak on Spotify’s part – while some were thrilled to have caught a sneak peak, just as many were dismayed to find they had ruined the surprise of REZZ’s carefully planned mixtape and video delivery, and even more remained resolved to wait until the planned release date.

For those that waited, their patience was well rewarded.

Musically, the mixtape is not ground breaking (though her legions of die hard fans may beg to differ), and it was never meant to be. It is exactly what we’ve come to expect and love from REZZ – eerie synths, heavy beats, intense bass, dark melodies. The music combined with the visuals, on the other hand, blow all expectations clear out of the water and far into the outer reaches of space. A collaboration between no less than nine different visual artists and a photographer, the entire music video is a fantastic, nightmarish voyage into the art and soul of REZZ.

Fully leaning into the Halloween theme, viewers will appreciate the images and stylistic nods to games like P.T. and Silent Hill, horror & psychological thriller movies, as well as songs and visuals that were previously exclusive to her live sets.  The visual mix also includes demonic imagery, flashes of monsters, and ghostly scenery – enough to make any Halloween aficionado happy.  Living up to the spookiest hopes and dreams of her followers, we’re also treated to footage of a haunting REZZy Kreuger walking through a forest, and in a final nod to the fans, the video goes through footage from previous tours. The audience raging, REZZ dancing wearing her “Space Mom” shirt – it’s sure to bring back heartwarming memories in every fan, old and new.

It’s hard to imagine how she will top this masterstroke of combined audio and visual creativity, but REZZ has continued to surpass any and all expectations. What started out as a personal project to share with her fans might very well set the standard for future mixtape releases, and raise the bar of fan engagement for EDM artists everywhere.

Take a look and a listen and add REZZ to your music library.

REZZ “A Nightmare on REZZ Street”


Stream REZZ on YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and download her music on iTunes.

You can join the army of REZZbians, calling themselves collectively The Cult of REZZ, on Facebook.  The Cult of REZZ is quickly gaining recognition as one of the most devoted and supportive of fan groups in the EDM scene. With group administrators strictly enforcing the rules that embody the PLUR community, even Isabelle herself is active within the Facebook group, occasionally posting and answering questions.

A Certain Kind of Magic as REZZ ROCKS at Red Rocks



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