A Certain Kind of Magic as REZZ ROCKS at Red Rocks

REZZbians and The Cult of REZZ sold out the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado to see REZZ in the flesh as she worked her hypnotic enchantments for the Certain Kind of Magic Tour. Opening for REZZ was TOKiMONSTA, Bleep Bloop, Charles the First, Digital Ethos and Fytch. Each of these producers put on a stellar set and fans were sufficiently hyped by the time REZZ stepped onto the stage.

I have been a die hard REZZ fan since the Mass Manipulation Tour stopped at Terminal West in Atlanta in 2017.  Hypnotized by her signature lighted glasses and the primal beats of her music I was sold when I saw that she would be performing at the Red Rocks Amphitheater.   What’s 1,400 miles when you REALLY want to see a concert!?!   A forecast of subfreezing temperatures and Denver’s first snow did nothing to hinder me or almost 10,000 other fans from showing up early and partying through until the end.

Photos by: Connor McKeen IG:  @C_McKeen

“Do you believe in magic?  A certain kind of magic…” REZZ’s set launched with “Life & Death” from Certain Kind of Magic and closed out with remixes of Skrillex’s “Reptile’s Theme” and Excision’s “Destroid 10 Funk Hole.”  With those songs and everything in between we all got exactly what we have grown to love about REZZ and more.  Ominous interludes, gritty industrial deep wobbly bass and hypnotic rhythms.  Of course there was the ever present setup, build, drop, repeat that is characteristic of dubstep.  Lasers, fog, trippy light display and a mind numbing digital display added to the majesty of the the performance.  And oh yeah there was FIRE!  I must admit that there is something insanely visceral about a wall of speakers rumbling a bass drop accompanied by fire reaching up to the heavens.


REZZ has something special planned for October 22nd.  She has been hinting at dropping a new music project for Halloween.  Check out A Nightmare of REZZ Street for more details.

REZZ Rocks Intro

Christopher Milano shared this video from REZZ Rocks on his YouTube page to give you a feel of the mind blowing visuals and REZZ being REZZ.

Rezz “Flying Octopus”

Rezz “Relax”

Your tiny cell phone speakers or ear buds don’t do this music justice.  Crank up REZZ on Spotify or iTunes on your home stereo system to feel the bass in your veins.

Artist: REZZ
Venue: Red Rocks Amphitheater
Locale: Denver (Morrison), CO
Date: Saturday, October 13, 2018
Event: REZZ Rocks!