Ashley Sno SoundCloud Series – Week 10

Week 10 of the Ashley Sno SoundCloud Series has me in my feelings as the series gets close to it’s final week.  I am thrilled to hear what Ashley Sno has in store for us all this week as turn up my speakers and press play.  Lsitening to this week’s first track, “Rolling Down the Lazy Waves”, you get to hear Ashley Sno teamed up with a voice that should be familiar to Libro Musica fans, Dara Carter.  The collaboration with Dara Carter delivers a smooth and soulful record with a splash of hip-hop.

Together we can look into the sun
Dance with me until the day is done
The universe will be so tender with us
So let’s live life like with never die
with desire in our eyes
Let’s make this a night to remember “Rolling Down the Lazy Waves”

On the “chill-hop” side, song #19 is definitely a vibe. Beautiful harmonies and great production make for another song to add to you music library.

This Friday will be a surprise to us all.  Song #20 remains undecided for Ashley Sno.  With time running out in the series and with space for only three songs Ashley Sno will certainly have something magical to share from her bag of music.

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What has been your favorite song so far?

The Ashley Sno SoundCloud Series is just the beginning for this talented artist. She has a few albums in the works Sticks (R&B), Stones (hip hop), Diamonds (acoustic), and an eclectic mix of music entitled Sticks, Stones & Diamonds.

See you every week right here from now into mid November as we preview the songs for that week’s Ashley Sno SoundCloud series drop. Check out all the songs in the Ashley Sno SoundCloud series so far right here.

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