Ashley Sno SoundCloud Series – Week 11

Sadly, all good things must come to and end.  With twenty dope tracks already added to our music library, this week we get to hear the last two songs of the Ashley Sno SoundCloud Series.

Ashley Sno told me that this week’s songs are very close to her heart.   She says each song “accurately describes my current disposition and express an angst, passion, aggression and hunger that I’m not generally known for in my music.” No doubt! This ain’t the sexy vibes that she has dropped in weeks before.  The third verse from Tuesday’s “Coming Up” captures all of that and more.

I been being patient.
I been toleratin
fuckas being blatant
but don’t be mistaken.
I got moves to make and I’mma make it on em.
Time is sacred damn it. I won’t waste it on em.  “Coming Up” Ashley Sno

The track also features an epic hook by artist K. Sarai.

Friday’s release, “Purpose,” brought a lot of tears out of her in the writing and recording process. Check it out on SoundCloud at the end of the week.

More Ashley Sno

Thanks for coming along with me as we shared the Ashley Sno SoundCloud series.  Ashley Sno promises that she is just getting started!  Be on the look out for the original 22 songs from the series (with some surprise adjustments) as a mixtape before the end of the year.

In 2019 and beyond she says: “You’ll get a song every week on the series until I do the 11 week run again late in the year. Also, in 2019, Sticks, Stones, & Diamonds the EP is coming out!   I’m also doing the first 3 Early Shows of the year at Gallery 992 and a penthouse party at Metropolitan Lofts to kick off the new year. I started rehearsing with my band this week, too! 2019 we killin’ doubt and collecting coins! Thanks for sticking with me!!!!”

Stay tuned here at Libro Musica for news on all of her upcoming music and shows.

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