Ashley Sno SoundCloud Series – Week 9

It’s a new week and Ashely Sno is creating more new music.  For her SoundCloud Series Ashley Sno is dropping two love songs, “Only For You” and “You Know”.  Each of these songs has a different theme and feel. “Only For You is minimalist track when compared to other songs in the 11 week long SoundCloud series. Sno says this song was born through freestyle but she put it down on paper because the lyrics were fit for a song. “I didn’t want to put a lot of work into this record because it wasn’t a song I was sure I was going to release.” but she soon realized that what she creates “isn’t about me or even for me. It’s for someone else to enjoy and release.”

Take a listen to “Only For You” and celebrate this latest release from Ashley Sno.

This Friday you will get to hear “You Know” which is a sexy record that unveils a completely different sound from Ashley Sno‘s creativity tool box.  This may just be my favorite in the series. The lyricism & flows combined with the tone & harmonies on this track are memorable, to say the least.

“You know that you wanna give it to me
You know you wish that you could give it to me
You know that you wanna give it to me
Why don’t you just give it to me

Boy come on and give it to me”  Ashley Sno “You Know”

Sno enjoys making music that everyone can relate to and she says it’s because she can empathize with and relate to people in so many ways that she never wants to be put into a box. “Just when you think you have me figured out completely as an artist, I want to stretch you with something that you’ll still love and appreciate because it’s good music even if it’s holding it’s own lane in my playlist.”

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It’s week 9 and the music is just as great as any week of the series. Some might even argue better. Two weeks left!!!

The Ashley Sno SoundCloud Series is just the beginning for this talented artist. She has a few albums in the works Sticks (R&B), Stones (hip hop), Diamonds (acoustic), and an eclectic mix of music entitled Sticks, Stones & Diamonds.

See you every week right here from now into mid November as we preview the songs for that week’s Ashley Sno SoundCloud series drop. Check out all the songs in the Ashley Sno SoundCloud series so far right here.

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