NEW MUSIC: Sister Moon “Devil’s Own”

Horror chills the heart most when it mirrors your memories.  Sister Moon takes a hint of one of your favorite childhood lullabies, “Rock a Bye Baby,” and gives it a dark twist on their single “Devil’s Own.”   Haunting rock rhythms and rich, dark lyrics delivered with lead singer Ashley Rivera’s emotive vocals makes for a song that may become part of your most vivid nightmares.

Sleep soundly

There’s a cold night stealin’ in

Your boughs are breaking

Down comes baby – “Devil’s Own” Sister Moon

If not part of your nightmares, “Devil’s Own” is well suited for a horror movie or dark grim tale. Add Sister Moon to your music library and stream “Devil’s Own” on Spotify or Apple Music.  Sister Moon hits the stage often between Atlanta and Athens so be sure to check out their show dates at the band’s website

Sister Moon’s “Devil’s Own” at Smith’s Own Bar


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